Dear Stranger




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[Y]ou will have to read this smokin hot short to find out! Thanks Sid, for a little read with a great big heart!

– Bike Book Reviews

Dear Stranger is a fun, hot, read, more of a slice of life encounter by a guy who is lonely and wants more.

– Drops of Ink

One of the best elements of Sid’s story is that it’s told from Reggie’s point of view. He’s blind, so we’re forced into following the world through his other senses, which allows for a lot of imagination.

– Author Alicia Nordwell

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I NOTICED the stranger in the midst of the subway ride. I’d picked up the distinct smell of his fresh manly sweat mixed with the scent of his aftershave. While I sat and waited for the second stop, he’d sat next to me. I felt an unmistakable brush of a hand against my left bicep and then he continued to caress my bicep with his finger. It was a gentle touch, hardly noticeable if you weren’t on its receiving end. I adjusted myself, trying to get away because the touch made me nervous. But for some reason, I was more anxious than afraid about what the stranger might want from me.

Please, not another oldie trying to get into my pants. But then the guy spoke. “Do you always travel alone?” His voice was deep, very sexy—the make-you-go-weak-in-the-knees kind of sexy. And it couldn’t have belonged to a man older than thirty.

“Uh…yes.” I cleared my throat. “I’m used to travelling by myself.”

“Quite impressive, man,” he said. “I mean, I see you every day taking this route and you seem so at ease.” My body tensed up. “Wait, wait,” he said, touching my thigh and laughed. “Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t no stalker, man.”

I nervously smiled. His hand on my upper thigh felt warm and radiated a sexual wave of heat. It coursed through my body like an electric current and my cock sprang into action. Suddenly, his breath was near my neck and I jumped a little.

He waited a second, then slowly whispered, “You’re too beautiful to go unnoticed by anyone.”

For a moment, I couldn’t breathe. This wasn’t the first time someone had complimented me for my looks but the stranger was definitely the first one to call me beautiful. With those big and ugly black glasses on my face, I always figured I looked like a freak. People I don’t know would act all awkward when they see those glasses and realize that I’m blind. So, even though I’d never seen myself in the mirror, I knew that calling me beautiful was taking it too far.

His hand was still on my thigh, but it kept slowly nearing my crotch. I swallowed and jumped from my seat just as the announcement for my stop went off. What great timing!

“My stop’s here. See you around.” With the help of my cane, I walked toward the door. Some person guided me to the pole and I thanked them with a smile. As the train neared the stop, a familiar hand enveloped the one I held the pole with and breathing became a task once again.

“That’s my stop, too,” the man said. “Let me walk you home?”

I freed my hand from his with a great difficulty. “Thanks,” I said, but my voice shook. “But I’ll be fine.”

Bumping into couple of people in my anxiety, I moved a bit ahead and closer to the door. They swore and I apologized hurriedly. I could sense him right behind me as the door opened and everyone got off the train. He was there when I walked to the platform with my cane; he was there when I ascended the stairs and he still followed me after I took to the New York streets.

Oh Reggie, you could be in so much trouble right now. What if he’s a thug?

Nervously, I opened the glass of my precious braille watch and felt it. It was close to ten thirty at the night. At my current pace, I could easily reach my building in the next five minutes.

Even though I tried, I couldn’t get rid of him. Here he was now, just a few steps behind me, taking the same turn onto Sixth Avenue as I did.

I stopped and turned briskly. “Why are you following me? What d’ya want from me, dude?” My voice was louder than intended but the rising tension had left me frustrated.

The stranger didn’t reply immediately. I knew he was there, even though he made no movement. So, I waited.

Out of the blue, I heard him laugh and it made me forget everything. “Hey, man, sorry!” He chuckled. “Believe me, I ain’t following you nowhere. My apartment’s on this street, I swear.”

“Oh.” I felt like the most stupid person on this planet. All I had to do was simply keep walking and he’d have been gone. “Um…sorry.”

“You’re so adorable.”

“I’m embarrassed. That’s what I am right now.”

“Hmm,” I heard him wonder aloud. “So, you’re the kind of guy who trusts anyone immediately. What if I’m lying?” There was mischief in his voice.

My guard went up again and I quickly removed my cell phone from my jeans. “I’ve got 9-1-1 on my speed dial. If you try anything, I’m gonna make the call.”

“What if I wanna kiss you?” he whispered.

“Wha—” Goosebumps formed on my flesh. I swallowed.

“I really wanna kiss you right now. So I’m gonna try that. Make the call if you wanna.” He said it loud and clear this time and the phone almost slipped from my hand. “I’m gonna step closer to you and if you don’t want this…”